Wow, you found me! So many blogs on the internet, every man and his dog has one, but you found me. And for that I’m very grateful. Either my story is compelling or finally that course I paid for on SEO is finally paying off, either way – welcome!

Freedom is our right. I believe that. But we have to choose it. So I did. Free to travel, free to create my own narrative, free to eat what I want, wear what I want, go where I want. And now I’m on the long, not-so-lonely road and I’m loving life. I’m studying my 2nd Masters degree online as I go, and I must say, I wish I studied my first one the same way. From a laptop in Bali, or Bangkok, or Bogota. It’s much for fun than a freezing cold room in Syracuse, I can tell you that for free!

So follow me please and let’s do this thaaaang together. My instagram, FaceBook page and twitter are all staring at you longingly from across the room, so meet them and follow them please. I promise to fill up your feeds with gorgeous views, some pretty cute styles, too many acai berry bowls and lots and lots of beaches!

Alice. Over and Out!.