5 Reasons Why Cornwall Should be on Your List of Places to Visit This Year

If you haven’t visited the beautiful South West of England then it is about time that you whisked the family off to enjoy this glorious corner of the world, and to be precise, you should be looking at heading to Cornwall. The range of camping Cornwall has on offer makes it the perfect place for you to take the kids, with lots of places for them to explore and discover. If you needed any convincing as to why you should go to Cornwall this year, here are just a handful of reasons why you should.


Many people don’t realize the difference in temperature between Cornwall and the rest of the UK, there is a notable difference! Naturally this is felt more in summer, when temperatures can reach up to 25 degrees! You don’t need to go abroad to get a sun tan, simply get in the car and head down to sunny Cornwall.

Port Towns

Cornwall’s charm can be found across the water’s edge, with sleepy villages and quaint harbors to explore. Fishing is still very much a way of life here and thanks to that you will be able to discover some beautiful port towns which are quiet, relaxing and very traditional.


If you want to take the kids surfing then you just need to head down to Newquay, where there is a very lively surfing scene. People flock from all over the world to experience the surf at Newquay and here you will find surf schools and plenty of guides who can take your kids through all of the basics of hitting the waves. You can rent gear, boards, and pay by the hour for tutorials if this is something which you want the kids to get involved with.


As far as accommodation goes, it doesn’t get much better than the campsites throughout Cornwall, set in beautiful natural settings which are close enough to the action, yet set aside so that you feel as though you could be anywhere in the world. The prices of these campsites are very reasonable and they are fully geared up for family fun. If this is something which you are interested in, I would recommend this great site.

Perran Springs Holiday Park






The Minack is a theatre in Cornwall which has been carved out of rick to form a spectacular coastal amphitheater. With the stage below the seats, and the backdrop being the English Chanel, you would be hard pressed to find  a more beautiful theater setting in the world. If you are lucky enough to be in town when there is a play on, you could witness some old fashioned musicals or a little bit of Shakespeare, as you sit and enjoy a picnic in the open air.

Get yourself to Cornwall this year and you will not regret it!!

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