A Taste Of Other Cultures In Bukit Tinggi

I find myself travelling extensively through several countries, experiencing the culture, food and people. But sometimes after a few months I feel like I want to escape for a while. I know this might not sound like a traveller immersing themselves in local culture, but let’s be honest – we all need a break from time to time.

I recently found myself at The Waterway Villa in Bukit Tinggi longing for a bit of an escape. I didn’t think Bukit Tinggi would have so many options for me, it very surprisingly had many!

Collar Tropicale French Village

If I was going back again this is where I would begin my journey in Bukit Tinggi. It feels like you’ve stepped out of Malaysia and into France, in no time you’ll find yourself in a town called Colmar in Alsace (well, kind of). The shops and towers are full of colour, reminding you of the fact that this place was indeed inspired by Colmar. It’s 2700 feet above sea level which means you will be surrounded by rainforest and the temperature is a little cold – just like Europe!

Japanese Village

You’ll find this village only 5 minutes away from the French village, at the top of the lush rolling hills. The great thing is that there’s even a free shuttle bus you can hop in from the village – if you have a hire car it’s super easy to get there too.

The reason I love this place is because as soon as you step out of the bus you’re met with breath taking views and the smell of fresh air. As you can guess from the name, this place brings Japan to you with our having to leave Malaysia. So go all in, dress in a kimono, get your picture taken and learn how to prepare tea in the Japanese way.

La Cigogne Restaurant

Since you are in Malaysia escaping from local cuisine for a while, then you should try some tasty French treats right? Head to La Cigogne where you’re mouth will start watering when you see the other guests getting their meals. Having a top class French meal in Asia can sometimes be tough so take full advantage here.

I highly recommend going for the succulent chicken breast, with peppers, onions and a beautiful gravy – it melts in your mouth and the mash potato was even better than my mother’s version!

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