How I look good as I travel

As someone who runs a travel blog with social media, it is vital to me and my success that I try to look good at all times when I am traveling. I don’t exactly have model looks, but I have always felt that it is super important that I look as good as I possibly. Especially for my travel photos as after all, nobody wants to see someone traveling the world looking rough, it doesn’t give off the right image.

This is not something that is always easy when you go traveling, hours on the road, traveling through harsh environments and wearing the same clothes for a long amount of time certainly takes its toll on your look. In spite of this however, I do have a few hacks which I employ to make sure that I am always looking my best for my travel photos. If you want to look good on the road, here are my tips.

Dry Shampoo

I could kiss whoever invented dry shampoo, a powdered form of shampoo which you simply brush through your hair for an instant cleanse and shine. The beauty of this kind of shampoo is that it comes in a small package which is super lightweight, perfect for taking with you around the world. Your hair is always the first thing to look bad when you are traveling and this novel product is the perfect salvation.

Rescue Cream

I invested in some Clarins rescue cream last year and it has been used very heavily when it comes to taking photos. This serum has some active ingredient inside it which instantly firms up your skin and removes the look of tiredness on your face. You only need a pea-sized blob of the cream and hey-presto, you look fresh and sharp again. The cream did cost quite a bit more than I would usually pay but I didn’t mind paying it thanks to the amazing results which it gives me.

Buy On The Road

I have to be honest, I very rarely take many clothes with me when I go traveling because I much prefer to buy as I go. Doing this ensure that I always have good looking clothes and it means that I also carry a very light backpack. If I am country hopping then I will buy in one location and then give them to a homeless person before hitting the next location. Despite what you may think, this is not as expensive as it sounds and if you shop in markets, you really won’t spend that much more money. Not only will you look good but if you donate your clothes before leaving then you can do some good too.


I like a party as much as the next person but I much prefer to look good and doing the two together simply isn’t possible. For this reason I tend to shun parties or if I do go, I don’t drink anything, nothing looks worse than a hungover face!

What are your tips on looking good on the road? Let us know in the comments.

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