How to Clean Your Teeth Correctly

Dental hygiene is something which is very important to anyone wishing to avoid too many visits to the dentists, and for anyone who is looking to maintain a beautiful smile. The key to good dental hygiene is to have a solid routine when it comes to cleaning your teeth. Many of us probably think that we have a teeth cleaning routine in place, but the volume of people who head to the dentist each and every day with problems that could have easily been avoided with regular and comprehensive cleaning of the teeth would suggest otherwise.

Cleaning your teeth properly is so essential for your overall oral hygiene and it will also help you to avoid too many nasty trips to the dentist. Recently during a check up at my dentists in Norwich, I spoke to the dentist about what a correct cleaning routine would look like, and I wanted to share some of the hints and tips that he told me, so read on and get your teeth in better shape.


Of course the key element to keeping those teeth clean and healthy is to have a good routine when it comes to brushing your teeth. You should be brushing a minimum of twice per day, once in the morning and once at night. Additionally you should try, where possible, to brush after meals. The reason for brushing after meals is that this is the best time get rid of any potential stains, as well as cleaning any bacteria or sugar which may attach itself to your teeth or your gums. When brushing you need to use a small headed toothbrush with medium-to-hard bristles. Brush in a circular motion and don’t forget to brush the gum line where you teeth meets the gums.


Flossing should play a key role in cleaning your teeth, as it gets to the areas of your teeth which a toothbrush cannot. Be careful when flossing and don’t be frightened if you see a little bit of blood when you first get started, this is completely normal. Floss in between each of your teeth, top and bottom, in order to get rid of any food or germs which have gathered in between the teeth.


Mouthwash should accompany your teeth cleaning routine as it will ensure that you have thoroughly rinsed the teeth, getting rid of any plaque which brushing will have removed from the teeth. Additionally, mouthwash will also ensure that your breath smells good, something which is not always guaranteed with clean teeth. Mouthwash should be used sparingly and you should seek to use a mouthwash which is aimed at dental hygiene rather than solely for improving the smell of your breath.

An apple a day doesn’t keep the dentist away, but a great mouth cleaning routine certainly will. Now, why not review your routine, and see if you can improve it a little!


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