How to Make Sure That Your Teeth Stay White 

As strong and powerful as teeth may be, they don’t always keep their color and it is up to us to make sure that we are doing all that we can to maintain a pearly white smile. This is not always easy however as there are a huge number of things that can alter the color of our teeth or stain them beyond the point of repair.  With this in mind it makes sense that we do all that we can to ensure that we either don’t stain our teeth, or that when we do we know how to get them looking great again. My local dentist Hitchin Park has been very good to me regarding the color of my teeth and how I can maintain them, so I wanted to pass on to you what you should be doing to keep your teeth looking white. 


It goes without saying that you must clean your teeth, both in the morning and the night. You also should seek to clean your teeth after you have eaten, in order to get that food out of the cracks in your teeth straight away. When cleaning you should not only brush but also floss, you would be amazed at how much extra comes out of your teeth when you get in there with some floss. 

Watch Outs 

The main thing that you need to watch out for are teethings that stain your teeth. Mainly here we are talking about smoking, red wine, black coffee and sugar. These are the main things which will stain your teeth and cause damage so you should absolutely make sure that you either avoid these things or that you clean your teeth directly after consuming them. Naturally repetitive use of any of these can lead to long term stains which are incredibly difficult to shift. 


There are many teeth cleaning services and teeth bleaching services which you could try out, that will give your teeth an instantly clean white look about them. Generally speaking these services are very temporary and this is why many people will use them ahead of an event such as wedding or birthday party. Make sure that you speak with your dentist before you decide to take such a procedure as not all chemicals which are used to whiten teeth, are kind to the general health of the tooth. 


Just a quick note on whitening, you can do this yourself and there are many kits available, but please do be careful as some of the chemicals and treatments can be very dangerous. Speak at length with your dentist prior to administering any such treatment, to make sure that it is safe, and that you know exactly what you are doing before you get started. 

Follow these instructions and you will never have stained teeth again. 

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