My opinions on female solo travel in Asia

As a female solo traveler, I am regularly asked by other girls looking to hit the road, about which area are safe, which are most dangerous and essentially, where they should go. The first thing which you need to think about when it comes to female solo travel, is that anywhere could be dangerous, for girls and guys, and you need to be smart regardless of where you go.

The most common place that I get asked about is Asia, and I wanted to quickly put a piece together on how I felt traveling through Asia on my own.

General Feeling

In general I very rarely felt threatened anywhere in Southeast Asia, I could walk around at night in most places and rarely felt insecure. As with anywhere in the world, there will always be boisterous guys but whenever I felt this in Asia, the guys would stop with a simple glare. The crime rates towards women in most of Asia is low in terms of foreigners and any issues which do exist, exist amongst the locals.

Most Scared

India was the place that unsettled me the most, I already knew about the high level of trafficking and rape which goes on here but it was more than wolf whistles and the cajoling which unsettled me slightly. In  spite of this, I must say that I never encountered a dangerous moment and I never heard of any other trailer who had. I never felt threatened or at risk, just uncomfortable during my time in India.


I must say to any girl who is reading this article, that you must show respect for the culture that you are in and understand what this looks like before you get there. Wearing modest clothing, covering up your hair and understand women’s role in each culture is vital in order for you to avoid becoming a target or at the very least, being disrespectful. I saw many western girls in India for example who were walking around on an evening with small dresses and heels and on some occasions I actually told them what I thought, for their own protection.

Why Asia?

Although it goes sightly against the idea of solo travel, one thing that I loved during my time in Asia was the amount of other girls who were traveling solo and this means that you can buddy up if you ever get lonely or want to be a part of a group for a while.


My overall opinion is that for any girl who is heading out for the first time on their own, Asia is the best place for you to start. The travel tracks are well laid out, it is not uncommon for a solo female to go here and you can find kindred spirits as and when you need to. Take precautions as you would do anywhere in the world and be smart, most importantly, enjoy yourself, this is a beautiful part of the world.

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