Top Fly Fishing Holiday Destinations

Whether you’re a skilled pro or an absolute beginner, a fishing holiday provides something for every ability level. The calm nature of fly fishing means that it’s a perfect activity for those who want to reconnect with nature or spend quality time with a family member or old friend.


Saltwater Fly Fishing

Stick to calm coastlines for a successful saltwater fly fishing experience. The south coast of England is recommended, but for those who fancy going further afield, why not try Barbados? First light and sunset are the best times to get a bite, and Crezalle, Horseye Crezalle, and African Pompona are all found in the waters.

Fly Fishing in the UK

You don’t have to go abroad to experience an amazing fishing holiday. Scotland is a renowned location for salmon fishing, on the Dee and Tweed Rivers. Scotland boasts some of the clearest waters in Europe and it’s not just about salmon, there’s also a chance to catch carp, perch and pike. Don’t forget to make sure you book a Glasgow car service to get you and your gear to your chosen spot safely. Other great spots include the River Torridge in North Devon and River Exe in the Exmoor Valley.

Fly Fishing in France

Head to the Rhone Alps and get the benefit of the amazing mountain scenery while you fish. Use your fishing holiday as an opportunity to truly appreciate the natural world around you. For trout and fly fishing, the Lac au Duc is highly recommended. It has lots of little streams around it, so you can find different spots to suit a variety of skill levels.

Tips for Success

Before you leave, you should do your research to get up to date with the local requirements. You’ll probably need a local fishing permit to get started and these can often be bought in local establishments, but in some cases must be ordered in advance. If lakes are privately owned, you might need to pay for the privilege of fishing there. For those travelling far afield, check airline restrictions on fishing gear before you go and local areas often have their own restrictions on the kind of hooks or techniques you can use. Remember to be well prepared in terms of weather resistant clothing and always pack a hat and sunscreen.

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