Travel Fashion Hacks

Being fashionable on the road is not always easy, despite what many Instagrammer’s photo collections would have you believe. In fact, anyone who is traveling for a long period of time faces a real challenge to stay fashionable given the lack of backpack space for a wide range of clothes, and the fact that looking good on the road itself is a challenge.

I have however, despite the challenges in doing so, creating a few hacks over the years which I can use so that I can look as fashionable as possible whilst I am on the road. If you want to do the same, here are some hacks which you could use.

Girls Together

If you are traveling with other girls then you need to be highly strategic in terms of the clothes that you take so that you can swap and share throughout your travels. Imagine that you ar e group of 3 girls, all of similar size, you will essentially be able to take 3 backpacks worth of clothing so that you can all chop and change and look great. The reason why you need to be taking first however is because nobody wants to duplicate when you have so many options.


I fell upon this by accident actually but I didn’t realize how important a shawl/scarf could be for my travel life. The reason this is such a great piece of clothing to take with you is because it is flexible and can fit anywhere in your bag, not to mention super light. The key to this item however is that you can use it as a scarf, as a blanket, to cover your hair in other cultures and even to put over your face to protect yourself from sand. Easy to carry and multipurpose, get one in your bag.

Necklace Straws

If you are going to be taking necklaces with you when you go traveling then the last thing that you want is for them to get tangled up in your bag, which they definitely will! In order rot prevent this you should tie them through some plastic straws, simple and super effective.

Roll Your Clothes

Girls, when you are packing your clothes, whatever the item may be, make sure that you roll them up before packing them. The last thing anyone wants is creased clothing and you can prevent this with a simple rolling technique.

Dryer Sheets

Even if you are the most hygienic person on the planet, over time,  your clothes in your bag will start to smell and anything that touches them will smell too. A quick fix for this is to put dryer sheets in your bag so that you can keep everything smelling fresh, simple to do, cheap to buy and highly recommended.

Shower Cap Shoes

My last quick hack is to put a shower cap over both your trainers so that when they get muddy, sandy or any kind of dirty, you can place them in your bag safe in the knowledge that they won’t mess up the rest of your gear!

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