What Are Some Of Green Door West’s Popular Drinking Edibles?

We’re in a fantastic age of marijuana delivery and medical cannabis awareness, and the public is still educating itself on the benefits and other ways to utilize medical weed, such as drinkable edibles. The good folks at Green Door West provide some of the best drinkable edibles on the market, and these are the best three when you want weed delivery Los Angeles style:


  1. Cannabis Infused Teas


There’s nothing quite like getting the affects you need after drinking a delicious tea. These drinks by Kikoko are the perfect way to get a dose of THC and CBD, while ensuring that everything you’re ingesting is organic and sun-grown.


  1. Mondo Dust


One of the most unique beverages in the world, Mondo Dust is infused with high-quality cannabis. This dissolvable powder brings over 200mg of THC per scoop and mixes seamlessly into your beverages.


  1. Cherry Lemonade by Venice Cookie Co.


Vegan-friendly, gluten-free, all with no sugar added. This single-serve bottle comes with some of the most distinct, tart cherry flavors of any cannabis beverage on the market, and chills beautifully to give you what you need, delivered in excellent flavor.


Drinkable edibles have numerous effects such as hitting your body in a different way, and being absorbed through the lining of your mouth and stomach to enter your bloodstream and get to work. A direct dose means your medicine gets straight to work, so what’s not to love? For some people, this is the easiest way to manage their medication.


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