What Skills and Attributes Should a Great Dentist Possess?

Have you ever been to a dentist and felt as though they didn’t know what they were doing? Or that they knew what they were doing but their bedside manner just wasn’t up to scratch? If so then you are not alone, I have had this experience many times and prior to finding the great dentist which I have, I tried many dentists in Northampton which  just didn’t suit me and my family well enough. I have good friends who are dentists and I asked them what they thought a great dentist should have in terms of skills and characteristics. I wanted to share with you what they told me, so that you can ensure that you get the very best dentist for you and your family.


Dentists must have a certain level of patience, in part because teeth take a long time to move and improve, and also because there are a great many people who simply don’t like going. My youngest daughter hates the dentist and it always takes her a good 15 minutes to even sit in the chair. For this reason, patience is most definitely required.


Your dentist should be likable and kind, and someone who is more than happy to sit and have a friendly chat with you. Equally within the business, a dentist should have great skills in order to keep a happy workplace. A dentist surgery is not a big place, so it is important that they are able to create and maintain solid relationships with the nurses and other dentists.

Eye for Detail 

Many dental emergencies could have been prevented if the patient had seen a dentist recently, or if the dentist had spotted the signs. In many cases the signs of a future problem are in the details, which is why a great dentist will have a keen eye for the all of tiny goings-on in the mouth.

Soft Touch 

A dentist should be an absolute master with their tools, and they should have an approach which is soft and which is very purposeful. I have been to 2 dentists who treated my mouth as though it was some sort of plastic model, as you can imagine this was very painful and very stressful. A great dentist should be careful and mindful of the patient when they are carrying out procedures or investigating.


One of the most important attributes for any dentist is that they are studious, long after they have finished their education. The reason for this is that there are always new advancements in density and new procedures which dentists must know about in order to be able to offer the very best service for their clients.

These are just a handful of the skills and characteristics which a great dentist should possess, and arguably the most important. Does your dentist stack up to these expectations?

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