What to Look For in Your Local Area When Finding a Home

If you are relocating your family to a new area then it is not just the home that you will need to be on the lookout for, but also what is on offer in the surrounding area. For example my wife was recently offered a position in London, which meant moving to a commuter town in the surrounding area. After searching through many different towns and options, we finally settled on St. Albans, and we are very happy here. What swung the decision to move here was in part the great schools which they have, plus the wonderful property options which we found here, not to mention the high quality of the St. Albans dentists. If you are looking at moving, here are some tips on getting the new area just right.


Traveling is not a bad thing, as long as there are great transport links and as long as the route is going to be safe. For example my wife is more than happy to take the train into central London in order to get to work, but we didn’t want the kids traveling too far away from home. This is why we chose the location that we did, because of the safe and frequent transport links, taking us to where we need to be.


If you have kids then you will obviously be focussing heavily on what school options there are available. The one tip which I would offer here is that you not only look for great schools, but also schools which you can actually get your kids into. For example we almost moved to Watford because there was an outstanding secondary school there, unfortunately the school had a 5 year waiting list, which of course changed our decision.


Don’t overlook the importance of social and health care options in your area, hospitals, GP surgeries and dentists will play a key role in the lives of your family. To go back to the Watford example, this was driven not only by schools but also because of the phenomenal NHS service which is on offer there, much like it is in St. Albans t0o. These are key aspects to look at when you are selecting a town to live in, so make sure that you do plenty of research before you even begin to look at properties.


The demographics of a locality are of course nowhere near as important as the other things that we have mentioned on this list, but they are still important. You can check online and find out what kind of people are living in various neighborhoods, and then use that to help your decision. For example we are a young family and I thought it would be better for us to live in an area where there are other young families, so that we would find it easier to create a network of people in a similar situation to us.

If you are moving somewhere new, keep all of these things in mind.

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