What You Can Do To Get The Perfect Smile 

As someone who has suffered from this, having a smile which you are not proud of is not enjoyable. In fact you find yourself speaking with your mouth closed, covering your mouth with your hand when smiling and hiding at the back when it is time to take a photograph. Thankfully I found an outstanding Cheltenham dentist who not only understood what I was going through, but also talked me through the various options which I could use, to correct the way in which my teeth had grown. If you are struggling with a smile that you are not very proud of, here are just a fe options which you have to choose from, that can put the smile back on your face. 



I’ll begin with the option that I took, veneers. The reason why I decide upon veneers is because I wanted an instant change, I was happy to pay the money and the truth is that I am absolutely over the moon with the final results. The process of placing veneers on your teeth is not the nicest, but the results are spectacular. Basically the original teeth are shaven down to accommodate the new veneer, which can either be made of porcelain or a composite. The new veneer is the steadfastly placed on your mouth, where it will stay for eternity if you look after it. 


Much is made of braces and it seems that schoolyard bullies have made these metal fixings something that people should be ashamed of, I don’t really believe that this is the case. In fact braces are still one of the best ways that we have to move teeth around in the mouth, to just about any position. Aside from the aesthetic complaints, braces can be used by people of all ages, and they can even alter the nature of teeth in adults. Generally speaking braces are a great choice because they have a high success rate and they are not very expensive. The only downside with metal braces is that they can take some time to have an effect. 


If you are worried about the way that braces may look, perhaps Invisalign may be a better option for you. This is essentially a gumshield-esque device with is specially designed for your teeth, and then you wear it for an extended period of time. During your treatment you may use different devices, depending on how your teeth are moving and what the dentist wants to do next. This is an option that is slightly more expensive than braces, and it is just as effective. If you want the benefits of braces without he metal, this product will make for the perfect choice for you. 

Don’t worry too much about your smile, there are always ways in which you can have a problem such as this changed. 

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