Why Maui Makes a Great Vacation Destination

Out in the Pacific Ocean lays the gorgeous island of Maui, Hawaii. For travelers looking for a one stop vacation wonder destination Maui is the place to go. If you enjoy nature, landscapes, good food, local artists and amazing places to stay Maui beachfronts rentals are some of the best anywhere in the world.


Plenty of diversity abounds with a variety of landscapes, geology, topography and climate. Maui is the second largest Hawaiian island and the 17th largest island in the United States. Rainforests rest along the north eastern flanks of Haleakala and sandy beaches go for long expanses. Whatever might be your preferred preference to put together an awesome vacation, Maui should have you covered.


Here are 5 things that make Maui a Great Vacation Destination:


Food Trucks

This culinary phenomenon has long been a normal thing on the island of Maui. Food trucks of all types are a big part of the culture here before they became a thing on the main land. Great fares are available for about half the price of going to a more formal sit down type of restaurant and most of these food trucks are able to offer some sort of seating for their guests. You can find fares ranging from BBQ, Mexican, Hawaiian, wood fired pizzas, gourmet grilled cheeses and a huge range of other ethnic foods. Most people are able to be filled up for $10 or less, although there are higher priced items available at most food trucks should you feel like indulging more. Some of the best deals in town can be found at Horhito’s Shrimp Tacos in Kihei next to the triangle where they offer $2 tacos! Other favorites to be found are Kinaole Grill in Khei, Like Poke in Kahului, Big Beach BBQ in Makena Beach State Park and the Mediterranean Grill in Haiku. Some food trucks pay a monthly fee to stay in the same spot while others move around to events like the Friday night town parties or the Maui Swap Meet. So have some fun and enjoy getting a taste a couple of different food trucks.


Beaches and Snorkeling

Maui is surround by stunning beaches. For almost a zero cost day you can go to the beach with a book, some snacks and water and make a day of it. Add in a snorkel and you really are all set. Some places rent snorkel sets for as low as a $1.50 for the day which is an amazing deal. If you are a more avid water fan, for around $20 you can buy your own snorkel and go out as many times as you might please. When buying your own snorkel set just make sure you get a dry snorkel as this will keep water from being able to go down your snorkel in case you dip under to get a better look at something. Also make sure you never touch any of the corals. Yes they look bright and beautiful, but they take hundreds of years to grow. Not to mention many corals are razor sharp and can give you some very nasty cuts which are prone to infections. Some favorite places for snorkeling are Black Rock in Kaahapali Beach, Ulua Beach, Honoulu Bay, Ho’ikipa Beach State Park and Kamo’ole Beach Parks. Also make sure you wear a zinc based sunscreen to help protect both yourself and the environment.


Stay in a place right on the beach

If you are going all the way to Maui you should really treat yourself to a place right on the beach. There is something so special about being able to wake up and look out your door and watch the sun rise or peacefully take in the sunset as is slowly dips behind the horizon. There is an increase in the number of people veering away from the traditional hotel booking and instead option to rent a private retreat or villa. By doing this travelers still get all the comforts of home yet with a bit more luxury to remind you that you are indeed on vacation in an amazing location! If you are traveling with a group of friends or splitting the cost as a family, renting out an entire place just for yourself can become quite the viable option.


Go to the Maui Swap Meet

Markets are alive and thriving in Maui and the Maui Swap Meet might be one of the best there is. With an entrance fee of only $0.50 inclusive of unlimited free reentry and free parking, this is a must visit to this market. Every Saturday from 7am until 1pm at the University of Hawaii Kalului over 200 venders descend up the Swap Meet to sell their wares. There is everything from fresh local produce, fruits, homemade soaps, shaved ice, arts and craft and even massages. To go with the flow and fit in with what the locals do, make sure you carry a big water bottle, your own shopping bags and plenty of small denomination bills. At this market bartering is still alive and well. To increase your odds of a successful barter, try to go to the venders further away from the entrance.

Look for Whales

If you are there from about January through mid-March keep your eyes peeled for humpback whales. Papawai Scenic Lookout between Ma’alaea and Lahaina is great place whales can often be spotted from land and this makes for a very low cost whale sighting.

As you are preparing for your next great vacation, make Maui a top choice on your list. There is so much happening on this island and a great place to recharge your senses.


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