Solutions to plastic pollution exist.

Solutions to plastic pollution must take into account all stages of plastic’s existence, from production to use and disposal.

Solutions include the enactment and enforcement of strong policies and regenerative strategies that focus on plastic pollution prevention; a significant improvement in business practices; a shift in societal values and culture; and individual behavior changes. When implementing solutions, we must center and listen to voices from the frontline communities disproportionately harmed by plastic and the plastic and petrochemical industries, and other forms of pollution, colonization, and violence.

To achieve the world we need, we must ensure these solutions become widely adopted and systemic—that is, fundamental to the way human societies operate. For solutions to succeed, they must be non-toxic, just, equitable, and accessible to all people, everywhere. We are building, and rebuilding, systems that embrace plastic-free principles: refill, regenerate, repair, share, reuse, and refuse single-use.

What We Need

Improve Business Practices

Improve Business Practices

Plastic Pollution Coalition recognizes the important role businesses play in building a better future when they focus on improving their practices. We celebrate the work of our coalition’s business members, who are leading the way in reducing or eliminating entirely the use of plastics in their product offerings, packaging, and operations.

We strongly encourage businesses to adopt:

Zero-waste facilities and systems, aiming to reduce generated waste wherever possible, and to divert 100% of industrial discards from landfills, incinerators, or the environment

● Refill and reuse strategies that eliminate the need for packaging altogether; you can find examples among Plastic Pollution Coalition’s Member Businesses

● A zero-waste commitment, which includes a dedication to a plastic-free culture, built into the overall company’s sustainability strategy

● Equitable community investment strategies to improve local economies and build environmental resilience

● Plastic-free and sustainable packaging when packaging is required; we along with our partners have made choosing simpler with the UP (Understanding Packaging) Scorecard

● Use of non-toxic, regenerative, and fairly acquired materials in any products they make

● Reusable and plastic-free alternatives during company meetings, events, and gatherings; learn how on our Plastic-Free Eateries page

● An active role in advocating for climate legislation in local, state and national arenas

Change Individual Behaviors

Change Individual Behaviors

One of the first and most actionable solutions we can take is to embrace plastic-free principles in our own lives and communities—and keep advocating for broader systemic change.

To make the transition to a life with less plastic simpler, Plastic Pollution Coalition has created a variety of guides full of science-backed, inclusive, and actionable information. Check out our guides here.

Words of Encouragement

Every day we are faced with news of climate change, the global plastics crisis, depletion of the rainforest, economic injustice, war, and more. With so many imminent threats to our environment and world happening all at once, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. But there are solutions and there is hope! For words of encouragement, we recommend watching our webinar “The Power of Service: Moving from Anxiety to Action for the Planet.”

Global awareness of the plastic pollution crisis and solutions to address it are growing! We applaud initiatives to encourage continued positive efforts to build a better world and end plastic pollution, such as The Earthshot Prize and Blue Sky Scriptwriting Competition. And we are deeply inspired by the work of our diverse members and allies

Together, we are creating a more just, equitable, regenerative world free of plastic pollution and its toxic impacts. Join us.


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