Our Team

Meet the Team

Meet the Plastic Pollution Coalition team—a small but mighty group of change-makers working toward a world free from plastic pollution.

Dianna Cohen

Co-Founder & CEO
of Plastic Pollution Coalition and a passionate advocate against plastic pollution… Read More

Julia Cohen

Co-Founder & Managing Director
of Plastic Pollution Coalition, based in Washington, D.C… Read More

Jen Fela

Vice President, Programs & Communications
for Plastic Pollution Coalition, based in Alexandria, Virginia… Read More

Jackie Nuñez

Founder of The Last Plastic Straw and Advocacy & Engagement Manager
created the No Plastic Straws movement when she founded The Last Plastic Straw in 2011 as a volunteer project for Save Our Shores… Read More

Amelia Hanson

Project Manager
at PPC…Read More

Erica Cirino

Communications Manager
at PPC…Read More

Aidan Maguire

Coalition Program Manager
at PPC…Read More

Madison Dennis

Project Manager
at PPC…Read More

Kristin Getz

Operations & Finance Manager
at PPC…Read More

Alex Patton

Development Manager
at PPC…Read More

Executive Advisory Board
Andrea Arria-Devoe
Jackson Browne
Michael Dorsey
Elyssa Elbaz
Michelle Esrick
Annie Farman
Peter Gilmer
John Gorman
Asher Jay
Ann Luskey
Charlotte Weir
Heather White
Alexa Woodward